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Delight, Beauty, Justice and Balance

The Minoan Culture in Southern Crete
Lecture in English and German
With Petra Moira Schmidt

This lecture is dedicated to the visitors and inhabitants of Southern Crete, who want to gain a deep understanding of the ancient culture on Crete – the cradle of European civilization. Thus it becomes possible to explore Minoan places in Southern Crete – but also other parts of the island - independently and to understand their structure and functions. If we consider the Minoan principles of life we may become inspired to find answers for our current questions.

Small Snake-Goddes from Knossos

Particular topics are:

  • overview about the Minoan Culture, its beginnings, prime and decline
  • holy places (caves, peak sanctuaries…), goddesses and gods
  • the meaning of symbols, that were frequently used in everyday life, religion and art (double axe, horns, spiral, star)
  • places and community-centres with main emphasis on Southern Crete (Phaistos, Agia Triada, Kommos, Kamilari-Tomb)
  • original inhabitants’ way of life… and what we can learn from the Minoans…

  • After the lecture we will discuss topics of special interest for the participants. Maybe you also want to make an appointment with some old or new friends to visit the places together.

    Dates: follow soon

    Place: Onira-Traumfabrik in Pitsidia, Southern Crete. start: 9 p.m.

    I am grateful to Donald Engstroem-Reese for his formulation "Cultures of Beauty, Balance and Delight" that inspired the title of this lecture.

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