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Rhea is the Cretan earth-goddess. In an orphic myth she sits with her drum in front of a cave and reminds humans to listen to the voice and wisdom of the earth.

Rhea Kriti is a place where it is possible to come into a deep contact with oneself, our inner and outer nature. If we explore our authentic self, we find possibilities to support humans and the earth, acknowledge our strengths, develop our specical gifts and find ways in order to express them – in our relationships and family, our arts, our professions, in the ecological, political area or another kind of way. We work with different techniques – according to the personal preferences of the clients: systemic constellations and therapy, the healing powers of dance, meditation and ritual.

Ancient Olive-Tree

Rhea Kriti is a place of culture. Lectures and exibithions of local artists take place.

Rhea Kriti is a place of connection with nature.

Besides Rhea Kriti-workshops as lectures, meditation, dance, hikes to places of power. I organize accommodation and seminarplaces for friends and colleagues who work in the health-, seminar- and cultural sectors to hold their own workshops at the place. You  can refer to a rich program, that may accompany your own seminar and will be individually created according to your and the groups needs.