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The healing powers of dance

Women’s bodies – round, slim, old, jung... Soft movements, powerful movements, circling, shaking, chanting... In connection with oneself and eachother. Dance of the fairies, powerful bear, the snake, --- if we explore the original dancer within us and awaken it we find out, who we are. Dancing makes happy!

To develop the healing powers of dance means to connect with the energy of life, to resolve its blockades in a soft way, to feel our life-power and find our own way in order to accompany the ‘ups and downs’ of our life in a grounded and creative way.

The physical, psychical, mental and spiritual level are connected through the body. Through movement we can explore ourself… and transform.

The methods we work with are useful tools for all women - independent from age, bodily restrictions and weight.

Dance of Life

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